​DO YOU QUALIFY FOR MEMBERSHIP?Membership is open to any person who is of

the Roman Catholic Faith, “who was born in or has resided in the diocese of

Lancaster, Liverpool, Salford or Shrewsbury” or of parentage of a member diocese.

WHAT WILL IT COST? The subscription fee is currently £5.00, payable at Whitsun. 

Life membership costs £60.00.

e single people are free to join on their own account, a married man’s subscription includes his wife, who is able to continue the membership if he should die before her.

PRIEST-MEMBERS DO NOT PAY SUBSCRIPTION Instead, each celebrates a Mass for Living Members on or about Whit Tuesday and a Mass for Deceased Members on or about All Souls. Most priests also agree to join a rota whereby they accept Mass intentions for a particular deceased member every 21/2 to 3 years. The number of Masses is left to the priest’s discretion. An offering, at present £15 is sent to the priests early in the New Year.

SO WHAT BENEFITS WILL YOUR MEMBERSHIP BRING YOU? You have the benefit of Masses both during life and after death, while at the same time helping those in need. In addition to the All Souls Masses celebrated by all our priests, one priest offers a Monthly Mass for all our dead. Each deceased member also has Masses offered by the Jesuit Missions. Furthermore, if the Secretary is notified when a member is close to death, he will arrange for a Mass to be celebrated for the departing soul.

MEMBERS OF ONE YEAR’S STANDING are entitled to petition for alms on behalf of some needy person, family or organisation either at home or abroad. Such petitions should be made in writing to the Secretary not later than two weeks after Whit Tuesday. The petition should give sufficient details to help the Board in reaching a decision, and if possible it should be supported by a priest familiar with the case. Petitions from non-members cannot be considered.

MOST PEOPLE HEAR OF THE SOCIETY because of the Whit Tuesday Lunch, when some 300 or more priests and laymen, often with a bishop or two dine together, and enjoy both a hearty meal and the witty toasts that follow. We have now arranged an annual Christmas function at which ladies can be present, as they contribute so much to the Society.

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