​​​ALMSGIVING DURING 2018 ... Through the generosity of Members of the Society, the members of the Board at their meeting on 7th August, 2018 were able to distribute donations to the following:

       1.        Greenfold Special School - £1,000
       2.        CAMEO-Aid - £5,000
       3.        WDY/Impact Youth Groups - £3,000
       4.         Family in Need - £2,000 

May God reward all those who sent more than the bare annual subscription

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PETITIONS FOR ALMS ... Every member of one year's standing may petition for Alms on behalf of some needy person, family or local (i.e. member diocese) worthy charitable cause.  Such petitions shall be made in writing to the Secretary not later than two weeks after Whit Tuesday. They shall provide sufficient details to help the Board in reaching a decision, and if possible shall be supported by the testimony of a priest familiar with the case. Petitions from non-members cannot be considered. 

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